Corporate Worship

Gospel Community Church gathers on Sunday nights at 5 PM to worship God through preaching, singing, observing the Lord’s Supper, praying, and giving.

We meet at The Church of the Good Shepherd in the Central Square Shopping Center at 2910 S. Croatan Hwy, Suites 1 and 10, Nags Head, NC (milepost 11). (Locals call it the antique mall).

Why Sunday nights? We chose to meet on Sunday nights because many residents of our tourism-driven area work on Sunday mornings and we hope to be inclusive of those who can’t normally attend Sunday morning worship.

What should I wear? Wear anything you’d like. Most dress casually. You will never be judged for your clothing at GCC.

What about childcare? We will offer childcare for children in Kindergarten and younger. We are excited to have recently opened a new nursery! It is in the unit adjacent to the worship center (suite 10) and it is always staffed with background-checked adult volunteers. We love having kids in the service with us. Our teachers are not distracted by babies crying if you choose to keep your kids with you in the service.

What’s the music like? Simple and deep. Normally, it’s just a guitar and voices. We love any songs that tell the story of the gospel of Jesus. We value depth in lyrics and beauty in art. Thus, we sing both ancient and contemporary songs. Look below for a playlist of songs we sing often or plan to sing at GCC.

Will I be pressured to give? Nope. If you are a guest with us, we do not expect you to give. We’re just glad you’re worshiping with us!

How often do you observe The Lord’s Supper and who can participate? We take the table every Sunday night, normally following the sermon. We encourage families to participate together as a way of reflecting on God’s Word. We practice open communion, meaning that all followers of Jesus are welcome to join us in communion. If you are not a believer, we implore you to skip the table and take the Savior instead!

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