For many months, Gospel Community Church has met on Sunday nights for corporate worship as well as Thursday nights for our small group (which we call “Gospel Community”). When everyone attends on a Thursday night, the house is really full! So, we are excited to announce the upcoming addition of a second Gospel Community!

We now have two small-group options:

– Wednesday nights @ 5:30 PM at the Sutherlands’ house (2910 S. Meekins Ave. in Nags Head)
– Friday nights @ 5:30 PM at the Perkins’ house (132 Roanoke Trail in Manteo)

Both groups will operate the same way, so feel free to come to whichever is more convenient for you. At each group we will eat dinner, pray, study God’s Word (generally by diving deeper into what was preached the previous Sunday night), and practice accountability with one another.

Our Gospel Communities are absolutely vital to our church. We believe in preaching the gospel not just in the weekly sermon, but through practicing life together.

We absolutely LOVE being together in our small-group-style Gospel Communities and we are confident you will too! Come and join one soon!

Come and join one soon!

The time has come to move from one Gospel Community to two!


Gospel Community Church is now meeting weekly on Sunday nights at 5 PM at the Church of the Good Shepherd’s building. To begin 2017, we will be looking at the vision of GCC with a sermon series called “Who is Gospel Community Church?”. We chose the name Gospel Community Church purposefully. We feel that the name describes who we are and what we value. The plan, then, is to spend three weeks examining each word in our name.

Lord willing, we will spend three weeks examining the gospel, three weeks on biblical community, and three more weeks on what it means to be a church.

Come and join us on this journey! If you’ve wondered what we are all about, this series will answer that question.

You can read ahead for this Sunday in Ephesians 2:1–10.


Why Plant a Church in OBX?

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Several months ago, the Lord began stirring the hearts of four local families to plant a new church in Dare County.

We absolutely love where we live. And we’re grieved by the massive number of people in our area that do not know Jesus Christ.

The Outer Banks has a unique culture. Some citizens are locals, tracing their heritage in the area back several generations. Others are transplants, having moved here to enjoy the beach. Many attend church, but most do not. A 2010 study concluded only 12% of the population affiliated with an evangelical church. The same study showed a staggering 63% of people have no religious affiliation. We have met many people that do not belong to Jesus. We have met many people who have left the church. We are praying that God would use us to reach both the un-churched and the de-churched.

Many churches call Dare County home. Some are traditional and others are modern. We strive to be ancient. Gospel Community Church desires to establish a new local church that reaches the area through a network of gospel-centered communities. Please pray for us as we get started!

If you go to a good local church that preaches Jesus from the Bible, stay where you are. Dig in, invest, engage, and let’s work together to reach this area for the glory of Christ.

If you do not belong to a good local church, please consider joining the work God has called us to do here. We are looking forward to impacting lostness in Dare County! And we could use your help!