Philippians 2:19–3:21 – Examples to Follow

Philippians is a thank you letter from Paul to the church at Philippi expressing his deep gratitude for their partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ, even under stressful circumstances. In this sermon from Philippians 2:19–3:21, Dr. Andrew White points us to three biblical examples to follow as we learn to live like Jesus. Timothy and Epaphroditus teach us how to serve the Lord and the church sacrificially. Paul teaches us not to place any confidence in the flesh, but rather, to place our faith in Christ and to persevere as we seek to live for Him.

I. Example #1: Timothy (2:19–24)
II. Example #2: Epaphroditus (2:25–30)
III. Counter-Example: The Judaizers (3:1–3a)
III. Example #3: Paul (3:3b–21)

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