Philippians 2:1–11 – Following Jesus’ Example of Humility

Philippians is a thank you letter from Paul to the church at Philippi expressing his deep gratitude for their partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ, even under stressful circumstances. In this sermon from Philippians 2:1–11, Dr. Andrew White exhorts us to love others like Jesus Christ loved us. We are commanded in vv. 1–5 to practice gospel-motivated humility, maintaining unity of mind and love, living in one accord, and looking to the interests of others over ourselves. In vv. 6–11, we see Jesus as the perfect model of humility. We study high Christology in this text, looking at Jesus’ humble renunciation, humble incarnation, and humble crucifixion. God responded to the humility of Christ by highly exalting Him over all creation. In the end, we will all confess His lordship.

I. We are to practice gospel-motivated humility (vv. 1–5)
II. We are to emulate Jesus, the perfect model of humility (vv. 6–11)

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