Psalm 25 – God, Help Me!

We continue volume 2 of our study through Psalms with chapter 25. In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White shows us how to pray when we are desperate and vulnerable. In this psalm, David has publicly placed his trust in God, but he seems to fear God has abandoned him for two reasons: 1) He sees his own sinfulness and 2) He sees his enemies. We learn that God will not let His beloved be put to shame. God will not let us down! We can trust Him.

I. Declaration of Trust (vv. 1–3)
II. Request for Righteousness (vv. 4–5)
III. Request for Mercy (vv. 6–11)
IV. Request for Godliness (vv. 12–15)
V. Request for Protection (vv. 16–22)

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