Psalm 23 – The Lord is My Shepherd

We continue volume 2 of our study through Psalms with chapter 23. In this sermon from a perhaps the best-known and best-loved poem in the psalter, Dr. Andrew White exhorts us to stay near the Shepherd who guides our souls. Since the Lord is the perfect Shepherd, His sheep have no lack. He provides everything His flock needs for their well-being. And we are also reminded that, according to God’s Word, it is Jesus Christ our Savior who is the Good Shepherd.

I. The Lord is My Shepherd (v. 1a)
II. I Shall Not Lack (v. 1b)
– I shall not want (v. 1b)
– I shall not lack REST (v. 2a)
– I shall not lack PEACE (v. 2b)
– I shall not lack LIFE (v. 3a)
– I shall not lack GUIDANCE (v. 3b)
– I shall not lack PROTECTION (v. 4)
– I shall not lack PROVISION (v. 5)
– I shall not lack the Shepherd’s PRESENCE (v. 6a)
– I shall not lack an ETERNAL HOME (v. 6b)

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