Psalm 19 – Revelation in Two Volumes

Welcome to our Summer of Psalms, Vol. 2 sermon series. This summer, we will pick up where we left off from last summer’s study through the Psalms. Martin Luther called the Psalms “the Bible in miniature.” They are wonderful because, unlike other genres of Scripture that speak to us, the Psalms “speak for us” (Athanasius).

We continue volume 2 of our study through Psalms with chapter 19. In commenting on this psalm, Charles Spurgeon said, “He is wisest who reads both the world book and the Word book as two volumes of the same work, and feels concerning them, ‘My Father wrote them both.’” In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White teaches on the doctrine of revelation. God has revealed Himself to the world through creation (general revelation) as well as through His written Word (special revelation). The wise believer responds to God’s self-revelation in two volumes with humility and repentance.

I. Volume 1: General Revelation (vv. 1–6)
II. Volume 2: Special Revelation (vv. 7-11)
III. Rightly Responding to Divine Revelation (vv. 12–14)

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