Psalm 18 – Remember the Savior

Welcome to our Summer of Psalms, Vol. 2 sermon series. This summer, we will pick up where we left off from last summer’s study through the Psalms. Martin Luther called the Psalms “the Bible in miniature.” They are wonderful because, unlike other genres of Scripture that speak to us, the Psalms “speak for us” (Athanasius). We continue volume 2 of our study through Psalms with chapter 18. In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White reminds us that God is faithful, omnipotent, and good to His people. This psalm is a song sung by David at the end of his life wherein he recounts the goodness of God, who has delivered him from many enemies. When we pray, we ought to remember that the all-powerful and faithful God loves His people. And this is most evident in how He sent His Son to deliver His people.

I. Remember that God is faithful (vv. 1–6)
II. Remember that God is all-powerful (vv. 7–15)
III. Remember that God delights in His people (vv. 16–30)
IV. Remember that God is our sovereign Savior (vv. 31–45)
V. Remember that God will receive glory (vv. 46–49)
VI. Remember the victory we have in Christ (v. 50)

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