1 Peter 5:1–14 – God’s Protected People

*NOTE* The audio quality of last week’s sermon from 1 Peter 4:12–19 (titled “God’s Suffering People”) was poor, so we didn’t post it. You can read the sermon outline by clicking HERE.

This is the final sermon (#14) in our series through First Peter. In this series, we will see that God has a people for His own possession who are called to live holy lives in an unholy age. In this sermon from 1 Peter 5:1–14, Dr. Andrew White reminds us that, although we must suffer for Jesus’ sake, God has given us many gifts that protect us. We have a powerful adversary in Satan, who seeks to devour us. But God protects His people by giving shepherds to oversee His flock, prayer and the Word, and the fellowship of the saints. We are a blessed people. We can face suffering knowing that the omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God loves us and cares for us.

I. God Entrusts Shepherds to Protect His Flock (vv. 1–5)
II. God Equips His People to Resist the Devil (vv. 6–11)
III. God Establishes His People to Encourage One Another (vv. 12–14)

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