1 Peter 4:1–11 – God’s Resurrected People

This is sermon #12 in our series through First Peter. In this series, we will see that God has a people for His own possession who are called to live holy lives in an unholy age. In this sermon from 1 Peter 4:1–11, Dr. Andrew White examines Peter’s instructions to the elect exiles to put away sin and to live according to God’s will. In these last days, as we await Christ’s return, Christians are called to live holy lives even if it means others will persecute you. In this text, Peter uses war-time language to urge us to arm ourselves with the mind of Christ and readiness for His return.

I. Arm Yourself with the Mind of Christ (vv. 1–6)
II. Arm Yourself with Readiness for His Return (vv. 7–11)

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