Luke 19:1–44 – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

This is a standalone sermon for Palm Sunday. In this sermon from Luke 19:1–44, Dr. Andrew White draws our attention to the mission of Jesus: to seek and to save the lost. He ties together three narratives from Luke 19: the salvation of notorious sinner Zacchaeus, a parable about faithfulness until Jesus returns, and the sadness Jesus feels as His people seek to enthrone Him politically rather than spiritually.

I. Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost (vv. 1–10)
II. Jesus Will Reward the Faithful and Judge the Wicked (vv. 11–27)
III. Jesus is Worthy of True Worship (vv. 28–40)
IV. Jesus Weeps for Those Who Will Not Repent (vv. 41–44)

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