1 Peter 3:1–7 – God’s Attractive People

This is sermon #8 in our series through First Peter. In this series, we will see that God has a people for His own possession who are called to live holy lives in an unholy age. In this sermon from 1 Peter 3:1–7, Dr. Andrew White preaches on Peter’s commands for a godly marriage. In this text, Peter continues on his theme of submission to authority for the glory of God and the salvation of others. Wives who submit to their husbands and husbands who faithfully love and lead their wives commend the gospel to each other and to an unbelieving world.

I. An Attractive Wife (vv. 1–6)
– Submit to your own husband
– Pursue true loveliness
II. An Attractive Husband (v. 7)
– Honor God by faithfully exercising our delegated authority
– Do not dishonor God by dominating your wife

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