1 Peter 1:3–12 – God’s Transformed People

This is sermon #2 in our series through First Peter. In this series, we will see that God has a people for His own possession who are called to live holy lives in an unholy age. In this sermon from 1 Peter 1:3–12, Dr. Andrew White teaches on the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Understanding what God has done for us in Christ fills us with a living hope that enables us to live faithfully and suffer well for the sake of Christ in this present age.

I. God Gives Us New Life (vv. 3–5)
II. God Gives Us Power to Persevere through Trials (vv. 6–7)
III. God Gives Us an Abiding Joy through Faith (vv. 8–9)
IV. God Gives Us His Word (vv. 10–12)

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