SERMON: The Perfected Kingdom – Revelation 21–22

This is the final sermon in our series examining biblical theology, where we trace the story line of the Bible. In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White expounds upon the vision of heaven the apostle John received at the very end of the Bible. In this text, an angel shows John the eternal paradise in which God will dwell with His people. As believers, rightly understanding and eagerly anticipating heaven helps us persevere on earth.

I. God is Bringing a New Kingdom (Revelation 21:1–4)
II. God Offers Citizenship in His New Kingdom to Those Who Conquer (Revelation 21:5–8)
III. God’s Kingdom Described (Revelation 21:9–22:5)
IV. God the King (Revelation 22:6–21)

“From the first verse of Genesis to through the last verse of Revelation, the Bible is an unfolding of God’s sovereign & lavish expressions of kindness & love towards His people, through the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ” (Scotty Smith).

Let us worship Him rightly, obey Him faithfully, proclaim His passionately, and wait for His return eagerly.

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