SERMON: The Present Kingdom, Part 4 – Fix Your Eyes on Something Greater – Luke 11:27–36

This is sermon #10 in our series examining biblical theology, where we trace the story line of the Bible in 13 weeks. In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White declares that Jesus is the fulfillment of every biblical promise. Sadly, the Jews in Jesus’ day did not recognize that their Messiah had come. Jesus calls them (and us) in Luke 11:27–36 to repent and believe. We see that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s people (He’s the new Adam and the greater Israel), God’s place (He’s the presence of God on earth), God’s rule (He is our king who inaugurated the new covenant), and God’s blessings (in Him we have every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places).

I. Looking in the wrong places (Luke 16:19–31; John 5:39–40, 46; Luke 11:16; and Luke 11:27–28)
II. Looking at Jesus (Luke 11:29–32)
III. The result of looking at Jesus (Luke 11:33–36)

*** The sermon from last week could not be uploaded due to a technical error. Please feel free to contact Andrew for a copy of his outline. ***

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