SERMON: Gospel Made Visible, Part 6 – The Mission – Romans 15–16

We have embarked upon a new sermon series called “The Gospel Made Visible,” where we will study the necessities of a biblical church. In the sixth sermon in our series, Dr. Andrew White explains from Acts 2:47 and Romans 15–16 that the early church embarked on the mission Jesus commanded in Luke 24:44–49 with the strategy He gave them in Acts 1:8. We learn that the entire church is called to GO on the mission, to SUPPORT the mission, to ENCOURAGE the mission, and to PRAY for the mission.

I. God’s Purpose: Save People from All Nations (Romans 15:8–21)
II. God’s Plan: The Church (Romans 15:22–16:23)
III.. God’s Promise: Eternal Glory through Jesus Christ (Romans 16:25–27)

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