SERMON: Psalm 7 – The Refuge of the Righteous

In Psalm 7, David is unjustly and falsely accused. He seeks refuge from the wicked slanderers in his righteous Lord. In his sermon from Psalm 7, Dr. Andrew White reminds us that the righteous can run to God when we are falsely accused, because he is the righteous judge. God feels wrathful indignation over injustice and so should we. God’s righteousness is worthy of our praise.

I. God is the Refuge of the Righteous (vv. 1–7)
II. God is the Righteous Judge (vv. 8–11a)
III. God Feels Indignation Over Injustice (and so should we) (vv. 11b–16)
IV. We Praise God for His Righteousness (v. 17)

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