SERMON: A Tale of Two Kingdoms – Psalm 2

It is our normal practice to preach through entire books of the Bible. We intend to practice systematic exposition even through the longest books. Our strategy for preaching through the Psalms is to take several shorter trips through the book. If the Lord allows, we plan to preach several chapters of the Psalms each summer. In the summer of 2018, we have begun “A Summer of Psalms, Volume 1.”

Psalm 2 is a coronation psalm to begin David’s reign as king over Israel. However, the psalm points to a greater King to come for God’s people: Jesus the Christ. In his sermon from Psalm 2, Dr. Andrew White argues that there are two kingdoms: one that opposes God and His anointed Son and one that submits to Him. We must choose a side. Oppose God and earn His wrath or submit to Him and find refuge in His Son.

I. The Kingdom of Earth Rebels Against God (vv. 1–3)
II. The Kingdom of Heaven Will Prevail (vv. 4–6)
III. The King of Kings Will Reign (vv. 7–9)
IV. Worship the True King! (vv. 10–12)

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