SERMON – Psalm 1 – The Righteous Man

It is our normal practice to preach through entire books of the Bible. We intend to practice systematic exposition even through the longest books. Our strategy for preaching through the Psalms is to take several shorter trips through the book. If the Lord allows, we plan to preach several chapters of the Psalms each summer. In the summer of 2018, we have begun “A Summer of Psalms, Volume 1.”

We were blessed to have one of our members, Richard Huggins, preach to us from Psalm 1. In this Psalm, the writer compares the righteous man and the wicked man. The righteous man trusts in the Lord and walks according to His ways while the wicked man walks according to the ways of the world. Richard urges us to be like the righteous man and walk according to God’s Word.

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