SERMON: Gospel-Centered People – Titus 3:1–8

This is sermon #5 in our series through Paul’s letter to Titus. In this short little book, God has given His church a guide to church planting and gospel-centered church leadership. The goal of our church is to glorify God by producing mature disciples of Jesus Christ. In this sermon from Titus 3:1–8, Dr. Andrew White teaches the truths that Paul commands Titus to INSIST on in Crete. We, as citizens of God’s Kingdom, ought to love others the way Jesus has loved us and live in such a way that the gospel is adorned. Make no mistake about it: we are saved by good works. They just aren’t our works. We’re saved by the works of Jesus Christ for the purpose of being conformed to His image.

I. Live as Citizens of God’s Kingdom (Titus 3:1–2)
II. Live as Recipients of Grace (Titus 3:3–7)
III. Live in Pursuit of Good Works (Titus 3:8)

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