SERMON: Gospel-Centered Leadership, continued – Titus 1:10–2:1

This is sermon #3 in our series through Paul’s letter to Titus. In this short little book, God has given His church a guide to church planting and gospel-centered church leadership. The goal of our church is to glorify God by producing mature disciples of Jesus Christ. In this sermon from Titus 1:10–2:1, Dr. Andrew White warned us of false teachers who oppose the church of Jesus Christ. We resist false teachers by remembering the gospel, proclaiming the gospel, and living lives that adorn the gospel.

I. Gospel-centered leaders shoot wolves (Titus 1:10–12)
II. Gospel-centered leaders tend to the wounded (Titus 1:13–14)
III. Gospel-centered leaders are known by their godliness (Titus 1:15–16)
IV. Gospel-centered leaders shoot wolves and nurture sheep by God’s Word (Titus 2:1)

You can find two helpful resources on identifying false teachers and discerning truth from error by visiting the following link:

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