SERMON: Consider Christ! – Haggai 2:10–23

This is sermon #3 in our series through the minor prophet book of Haggai. In this message, Dr. Andrew White teaches through Haggai 2:10–23. After their return from exile in Babylon, the remnant of Israel began to rebuild the temple. However, discouragement caused them to abandon the project. Sixteen years later, God spoke through his prophet Haggai to stir the people up to finish His house. In this book, we are challenged to abandon spiritual apathy and pursue God’s Kingdom first.

In this text, God stirs up the spirit of Haggai to preach his third and fourth sermons to the people of Israel. Haggai reminds them of their past sinful spiritual apathy and calls them to repent and to rightly worship God. He recounts for them God’s promise to bless His people and He encourages them to love the Lord and forsake their apathy.

1) Sermon #1: Consider Your Ways (vv. 10–19)
2) Sermon #2: Consider God’s Plan (vv. 20–23)

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