SERMON: Jesus is Sending Us On His Mission – John 20:19–31

Sermon #38 in our series through the Gospel of John called “Who Is Jesus?” In this sermon, Dr. Andrew White preaches John 20:19–31. In this scene, the resurrected Jesus appears in a locked room among His disciples not once, but twice! The first time, He commissions them as His witnesses to the world. The second time, He reveals Himself to Thomas, who had doubted the resurrection. He doesn’t rebuke Thomas; He pursues Him. We learn through this text that we must believe and proclaim the Good News about Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus Came to Bring Peace (vv. 19–21a)
2. Jesus is Sending Us to Continue His Mission (vv. 21b–23)
3. Jesus Demonstrates His Mission with Thomas (vv. 24–28)
4. Jesus Gives Life and Peace to All Who Believe (vv. 29–31)

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